Close Distances

Tapso Records / Riff Records (2014)

01. Prayers and Sunglasses
02. Life in a multiplied world
03. What you lovest well
04. There is no gravity enough
05. Thinking in reverse
06. Scary needs
07. Over the borderline
08. Rough red beauty
09. Sara

Recorded live and mixed by Sacha Tilotta with Dreams Factory Analog Studio at 'The house of hope" in Viscalori CCD, Italy in August 2011.
Mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service


Tapso Records (2013)

01. RosTer #3
02. Prayers and sunglasses *
03. An informal desk
04. QuieT vision
05. Red Rough Beauty *

All songs performed and recorded live by Tapso II
except (*) recorded by Sascha Tilotta who also plays the piano in (5)


Tapso Records (2013)

01. Bulldog
02. The Space Outside
03. Tonic-O
04. Il Mostro
05. Almond Galaxy
06. From Tan One To Tan Two
07. History Of A Wave

Recorded live and mixed in stereophony by Sascha Tilotta with Dreams Factory Analog Studio

Special Edition for 'Warriors come, Daddy...' tour

autoproduction (2010)